It's as hard as it has ever been for the food service industry, especially for locally-owned places.

Between the rising cost of inventory and the pandemic back in 2020, we have seen too many great restaurants and bars close for good. For those who stayed open, it's not been easy but over the last 12 months, we have gotten back into a state of normalcy.

Summer is around the corner, which means plenty of places will start to see an increase in foot traffic as people want to be outside and leave their homes.

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If you live up in Amherst or Getzville, then you have probably been to Amherst Pizza & Ale House.

Located inside the Crosspoint Pkwy, it's famous for its Buffalo-style pizza and Crown Royal BBQ wings; along with plenty of great drinks and tons of televisions.

However, Amherst Pizza & Ale House is dealing with the aftermath of thieves, and they want help from the public on identifying them.

They posted photos of individuals and vehicles on their social media pages, saying that these two people stole empty kegs from their property.

One vehicle is a grey Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. The second is a white Hyundai Elantra.

They tagged the Amherst Police to assist in this situation.

Hopefully, these thieves are caught and the restaurant can get their kegs back. I just don't understand how people think that 1) this is okay to do, and 2) that they won't get caught or identified.

Cameras are everywhere. Also, don't steal. Ever.

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