Yes...I caved to pressure and watched "Bird Box" last night. Here is my honest review of the movie. **WARNING - SPOILERS AHEAD**

Again, if you haven't seen the movie yet, reading any further will spoil the movie for you. Please if you plan on watching the movie, stop reading here and come back after you have watched the movie

Photo Credit: Dave Fields
Photo Credit: Dave Fields

Ok, here we go...."Bird Box" maybe the WORST Movie Ever!

Yes...I know a lot of people enjoyed the over 2 hour long Sandra Bullock thriller but there were so many plot holes in the storyline that I can't give this movie a rating over 1

First off...Sandra would of been dead in the first 15 minutes of the movie. Not too many pregnant women survive a car crash that has the car flip over several times and land on the roof. Buckled or not, you aren't walking away from that!

Second...the first time the "survivors" head out to the store, they have to drive several miles in a car that is totally blacked out! Ok..I have seen people along the 90 who can see and it is clear as day not be able to drive without hitting something. Plus when did SUVs become monster trucks and able to drive over everything? I have an SUV and if I went too fast over a speed bump the thing would pull to the right and break down!

Also, how do they still have power and water?  Most of humanity is running away from the creatures or have been killed, who is running all the power and water plants. Plus with a bunch of people driving around blindfolded, no utility poles were knocked down?? My power flickers if Patrick Hammer mentions snow coming our way!

Finally...and I say that because I could go on and on but I am tired of writing and you might be tired of reading....NO WAY Sandra Bullock's character let alone the kids survive the trip down the rapids.

I have been on rapids at the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC and I was thrown from a boat made to ride the rapids in a controlled environment!  No way the johnboat they were in would survive. Also when it tips over...the kids would not make it down the river underwater in rapids. Sorry...not going to happen!

Now I know what you are saying, you have suspended disbelief..I can do that but only to a certain degree. If it was set in outer space I would be more lenient, but it is set here on earth and using my very limited mental capabilities no way they survive.

Again...Just my honest review, so did you like the movie?


Do you like the movie "Bird Box"?

Yes..Great Movie
No..It was not my favorite.


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