If you have been behind a wheel of a car, truck, semi, or any other vehicle in Western New York over the past week,  I want to say Thank You!

Last Thursday, my son Avry turned 16 and like all 16-year-olds in New York, he wanted to go get his permit on his birthday. So for the past six days, I have had a chance to right shot-gun with my son as he learns how to drive on the roads in Western New York.

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What I have seen has been amazing. So much so I wanted to say Thank You to all the drivers in Western New York for being good drivers....ok well maybe not ALL of you but most of you!

Usually, when you are a passenger you don't really pay attention to what is happening on the road. You fiddle with the radio, check your phone, talk to the people in the back. But as a parent teaching my son how to drive, I have been on high alert.

What I have noticed is that there are a lot of amazing drivers in the 716. Teaching someone new to drive, I am making sure he knows all the basic rules. Complete stops, using a blinker with every turn and lane change, and make sure you have enough distance between yourself and the people around you.

I noticed that most drivers in Western New York are great at all these. From people on the 90 using their blinkers when making a lane change in front of Avry to the car at the four-way stop that wave Avry on so he could go ahead.

Being a new driver, the kid is nervous. I told him he could only go 5 mph over the speed limit on the 90, 290, 190, and so on. So to the people that passed us on the left instead of the right. Thank you. It was easier to explain that the left pane is for passing and you can speed up to pass and then move back to the right.

Also a huge shoutout to the Trucker who flicked his lights at Avry to let him know he had enough room to come back into the right lane.

It is the little things that other drivers are doing that make teaching Avry how to drive even easier.

So from my wife Elizabeth, my son Avry, and myself...THANK YOU for being great drivers!

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