A scary situation in the Town of Tonawanda today after a juvenile was hit by a car while riding their bike. The crash happened around 3:50 pm, and according to WGRZ and Tonawanda police, The victim possibly suffered leg injuries as well as chest injuries. The incident occurred at Delaware Road and Highland Avenue. The victim was taken to Oishei's Children's Hospital.

The warm weather has definitely made it's way into Buffalo, and with that we all need to make sure we stay alert while driving now that more and more people are out walking, biking and exercising on the roads. Always remember to slow down and give pedestrians space when passing. The number of pedestrians hit by cars is at an all time high, something that can absolutely be changed. Check out this story from WGRZ about the increase in pedestrians struck. 

As for pedestrians, make sure if you're walking you are visible to drivers, put the phone down when crossing the road, and like mom always said, look both ways before crossing the street!

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