Shamrock Run
If you happen to see a leprechaun running through the streets of South Buffalo this weekend, don't bother chasing him to find his pot of gold.  He might lead you to beer however!  The Shamrock Run is this weekend.
Night Nation Run
Themed 5k runs have become an incredible way for people to get some exercise, help out a charity, and have some fun. We've got our Insane Inflatable Run in August, there's a zombie run, a beer run, a color run, and now, a run that takes place at night...
Annoying Back Flab?
In the battle of the bulge most women like myself can struggle with the annoying back fat or under the arm flab.  Ugh, it’s so frustrating.  I’ve joined the ‘fitbit’ nation and use the device to help keep me moving during the day and ha…
Treadmill Desk
Are we just trying too hard?  We don't have time in our every day lives to fit regular exercise in along with all the work we have to do.  So LifeSpan developed a "treadmill desk."  It's a desk that has a treadmill connected to it so that you can multitask …

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