Gyms have been closed for weeks...but summer is right around the corner!  What's a person to do?  Ever think about doing a class from your house?

They exist now and you can get in on them through Zoom!

Imagine this, pilates, yoga, core and glute workouts that you can do from your living room with certified instructors for just $3 per class.

They're available through or on facebook.

So yeah, if the wine is starting to add to your weight and your snacks are starting to add to your size, it might be time to get moving from the comfort of your own home.

For most of these classes, you need absolutely nothing.

What's the difference between doing a zoom class with a certified instructor and just watching a video on YouTube and following along with what they do?  With the Zoom classes, the instructor can watch you too.  So if your form is bad or you might be doing something that would injure you while you workout, the instructor will be able to see and correct as you go.  Plus, you could get the encouragement you need to keep going.  If you're watching on YouTube and you want to quit, all you have to do is turn it off.  But it won't be as easy to give up when there's an instructor encouraging you to push a little harder or go a little longer.

They do ask that you register for classes online.  You can also sign up for an unlimited package!

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