Dion Dawkins shared some info about a fellow teammate that went over the heads of many people last week.

If you were paying attention, you may have caught this small detail during Dion's conference.

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Dion Dawkins dropped a detail that many didn't know about during a press conference

Last week, Dion Dawkins was awarded an extension with the Buffalo Bills.  It's something that he has definitely earned after years of making it his biggest responsibility to protect Josh Allen.  While giving a press conference over a Zoom call, he dropped a nugget about another Buffalo Bills lineman that many missed.

Sal Capaccio asked Dawkins a question about whether or not he was still going to go on a cruise with his fellow linemen.  It was after that question that Dion shared something else about one of the other starting linemen.

(Question starts at 26:45)

Dion Dawkins mentioned that Spencer Brown had surgery

Spencer Brown has been plagued with a back injury for a couple of years now.  It's something that many attributed to some questionable play during the 2022 season.  However, in 2023, he was much better.  He seemed healthier and you didn't hear his name as much because there wasn't a question mark next to it.  He seemed to come out week after week and do a good job.

That's why it's so surprising to hear that he had off-season surgery.

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The Bills never mentioned that he was having surgery

According to BillsWire, the Bills never announced that he was having surgery.  Last year he had surgery on his back, but nothing was mentioned this year.  Hopefully, there is no need for concern.  It could just be something minor that will not affect him in the upcoming season.

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