What would make your workday better?  If you think a perfect workday includes a yoga session with a bunch of goats, we have some good news for you.

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This month is "Mental Health Awareness" Month.  It's a time to think about your own mental wellness whether you're at home or work.  This is just one way that you can get yourself in a good mental space.

What is goat yoga?

Goat yoga is just what it sounds like.  It's a regular yoga session, only they will have goats present.  They might participate with you, or just be there for you to look at or pet.

Why is goat yoga good for you?

Yoga is good for a lot of reasons.  It improves your flexibility, helps with your mental health, encourages healthy eating, and can help you to manage your stress.  Add goats to that and according to rural mental wellness, you get these benefits too:

  • Just petting animals releases a relaxation response. ...
  • Lowers anxiety and helps people relax.
  • Provides comfort.
  • Reduces loneliness.
  • Increases mental stimulation. ...
  • Can act as catalysts in the therapy process.

Where do they have goat yoga in Western New York?

We actually found this one through AirBnB Experiences.  It's an experience that is presented by Back Hills Farm a local small farm located on Grand Island! They will lead you in a traditional, basic, hatha yoga class...but there will be goats everywhere.

Here's the best part...they will come to your outdoor venue (don't let the picture above confuse you, it has to be an outdoor venue).  They don't have a venue to host guests.  So they come to you.

"The goats will walk around during the instruction and tend to stay distracted with eating grass! We encourage people to pause their activities to pet a goat, observe the goats or just to have a laugh! Halfway through we will even let people who want have a baby goat stand on their back!"

The goal is to have fun and encourage a sense of community.  It's a great team-building activity.

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