It's amazing to me that people will find a new word for something that we've been doing for years.  Although this one sounds funny...I think it's a good idea.

There's a new exercise craze according to Buffalo Rising called "Plogging."  To me, it seems like it's a win-win situation for everyone.

The word comes from the combination of two words, "pluck" and "jogging."  I remember when I was training for marathons how much litter was on the streets that I would run.  These joggers are trying to do what they can to reverse that.

They jog around and pick up trash, litter, recyclables, and essentially clean up.

I can't imagine they make it far and they would have to run new routes often, but it's better exercise to be bending over to pick up that trash.  Add to that the fact that you are literally making the world a more beautiful place and you've got a win-win situation.

As silly as it sounds, I don't really care what they call it.  I think it's a great thing if there are people out there that want to do it.

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