Finally a couple of nice days back to back.  Boy does it feel good to be able to get out and walk around without freezing your toes off.  Pepper and I took a little stroll through the corn field and it was the perfect setting for her first day in a field.   She is 3 months old and she LOVES being outside.  By the way, she knows what outside means so I can't proof read this out loud or she will start to freak out with excitement.  I have to say that after the few weeks I have had her, she has learned so much.  From walking on a leash to waiting patiently to eat when I go to feed her, she has come such a long way.  She has her moments when she gets daddy a little angry. When I came home today I found the new bed I bought her had been shredded (see photo).

She has a new love of slippers and sneakers.  Although I haven't had to fix any furniture yet (fingers crossed) there are some socks that now have been designated "Pepper toys." I am training her to be a hunting dog.  Something that I have always wanted but never left enough time in my life for.  It is so rewarding to watch her fetch and retrieve even at such a young age.  So far it seems that she likes the taste of pheasant wings over ducks and geese.  I toss her each one a couple times a week and by far she prefers the pheasant. (see photo)

Today was such a fun day outdoors...Pepper is such a fun friend to have!  After today, I think we both have the spring fever!