Pepper and I had a chance to get outside and go for a stroll around the park today.  It was windy as all get out but the sun was shining so bright I just couldn't sit in the house all day.  After walking around for a few minutes we spotted this snowman that someone had built.  Remember when you were a kid? Making snowmen became an adventure.  My sister and I had the benefit of being twins.  We always had someone to play with.  We would make snowmen, snow angels, snowballs and snow forts.  I couldn't wait to get out of the house and just BE outside.  The last few years I have forgotten what it means to just BE outside on a sunny winter day.  How many of us start the day saying..."ugh..I wish I could just stay in my warm bed/house all day?"  I am guilty of that too.  I guess it's mostly because going outside means heading to work.  If it was going outside to ski, snowmobile, walk the dog, hunt, sled or have a snowball fight, it may be more inviting.  The older I get the more I find myself saying...I wish I was still that age (fill in age here).  It's not the fact that being younger means not paying bills, not answering to a boss or not having many responsibilities.   It's the fact that there is an innocence that comes with being a kid.  I mean take the picture I posted for example.  This snowman was probably the world's greatest snowman in the builders youthful eyes.  Remember when you ran in the house asking everyone to "come look" at the master piece you had just finished?

True, we all have jobs, families, friends and many many responsibilities. However, I think if every once in a while we look at life through a kids eyes...we just might find that even the simplest things like a walk on a cold winter day can fill a void that is lost somewhere around the 8th grade.