Since the emergence of rookie Dak Prescott for the Dallas Cowboys, it's pretty apparent that they no longer need their veteran, injury prone quarterback.  So where will Tony Romo go?

According to a report from MSN, he has a list of franchises that he would be interested in going to.

While he's not a free agent (he won't solely be able to choose his destination), it looks as though the Cowboys won't simply cut the signal caller.  They will however, try to trade him.  He certainly has value to some franchises that might be looking for a veteran behind center.  Some think they might be able to get as much as a second round draft pick for Romo.

Jason LaCanfora from CBS Sports lists Houston, Arizona, Denver, and Kansas City as his prime destinations.

Buffalo was not on that list.  While many claim that the Bills are interested in him, they say he is "more skeptical" of the Bills.  LaCanfora says it might be a "hard sell" for the Bills as Romo is looking to go to a contender.

I for one would be happy if Romo ended up in one of his desired locations.  I'm actually a fan of Tyrod Taylor and truthfully, I'm tired of being sold on an athlete whose better days are probably behind them (in all fairness, I said that about Peyton Manning when the Colts were looking to get rid of him for Andrew Luck.  That's also before he took the Broncos back to the Superbowl a few times).  I, like many NFL fans, am looking for the next guy to raise eyebrows and lead my team.