At this point, it is no surprise that the Sabres are doing this bad. What is actually going on?

It's like, real bad.

With that amount of talent individually, how can you not generate a winning team. Even a slightly competitive team. They lost, again, making it their fifth loss in a row dropping the Sabres to 6-12-3 after losing to the to the New York Islanders last night 2-5. They play the Islanders twice this weekend.

That being said, when rumors started swirling around on social media that the Pegulas were selling the Buffalo Sabres, people believed it.

In fact, the Buffalo Sabres, though are NOT up for sale.

But, of course, fans were poking fun of the Sabres all day because of it. Lets take a look at this fake ad that was selling the Sabres on Craigslist (lol)

"Do you like Jack Eichel? Of course you do!" LOL

Look at what you will also get with your "purchase".

Now, the Key Bank Center might not be seeing the Sabres take a lot of shots on goal right now, but there will be a lot of vaccine shots coming up soon. On Thursday, it was announced that the Key Bank Center's Lexus Club will be a vaccination site soon being able to accommodate up to 1,000 vaccines per day. The site will be open on March 10th to people 65 or older who are eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine. If you qualify you can sign up to get your shot HERE.

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