Sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste – those are the five senses.  But some people say we have a lot more.  Maybe as many as 21 more.

Some could argue it uses some of the five traditional ones, but how about the sense of balance or equilibrium?

How about pain?  It’s connected with touch, but a little different.

There’s one called thermoception.  It’s our ability to sense cold or heat and whether something is getting warmer or colder.  Again close to touch, but different.

We have a sense of motion – acceleration, deceleration and the effects of gravity.

We also have a sense of location even when the other senses aren’t used.  If you were in  completely dark room – you’d have a sense of something nearby without touching it.

The sense of imagination – envisioning something without ever seeing it. 

Memory could be considered a sense – our ability to store away information for use at a later time.

Some people might even include common sense, probably not the ones who don’t have any.