We all want to believe that when we buy food from the store, we are getting healthy stuff that's good for our bodies.  But a recent study says that might not be the case for some baby food on the shelves.

According to Ashley May from USA Today, a new study was just released with some shocking results.  It said that you may be accidentally feeding your baby arsenic and lead if you're feeding them foods found on shelves in grocery stores.

The study came from the Clean Label Project and said that many baby food products test positive for arsenic, including 80% of infant formulas.

This being said, many foods will absorb contaminants from the environment.  It's the levels that are important.

Lead in food has been linked to lower IQs, slowed growth, behavioral problems, hearing issues and anemia, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Check your products.  You may be surprised to see that some of the biggest names were the biggest offenders.

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