When you live in the same house, you are in close quarters with each other, which means there may be a tendency to step on each other’s toes…even though you don’t mean to. 

The first time you move in with someone new, there are some serious growing pains that come along with that. It is actually common for couples to experience conflict or arguments when they first move in together, because it is a major adjustment. A space that was once entirely your own is now shared with one another, and that can be stressful. 

Eventually, the little arguments and disagreements can become endearing, in a way. You know that it’s a minor argument that will probably come up again, but you still choose that person because at the end of the day – you love each other. 

You may be wondering, though…what kind of small arguments happen on a regular basis?

The most common small argument across the country seems to be leaving the light switch on when you leave a room, but how about the ones that happen the most often in Western New York?

Take a look at the small things that you can never agree on in a Western New York home, and see if you have the same minor battles. 

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It seems like the most common argument that we have in Western New York is what to set the thermostat at. One reason why that may be is because women typically have a higher internal temperature. However, the skin temperature for women is usually lower than a man’s, so they prefer a warmer indoor temperature set on the thermostat.

What small arguments are frequent in your house?

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