How cool would it be to talk to Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo? Next Sunday (November 29, 2020), there is going to be a zoom event hosted by and to benefit Artpark, and you can be 'hanging' out with the stars of the movie 'Christmas Vacation'!

It’s such a fun movie and a part of all of our holidays so we here at Artpark wanted to bring some laughs into the community,” said Dave, from Artpark. “Give people something different to do. You were going to be in your house, you were going to be with your groups of 10 or less, so you can go behind the scenes and reminisce and laugh and hear some stories from the stars and ask them some questions too", according to WKBW.

So, how is it going to work?

You go to the Artpark website and buy your invitation to the private Zoom call with Chase and Beverly for 25 bucks.

What can you expect? 

On the Artpark website, it says: "Fans can expect the unexpected as these legends share a no-holds-barred trip down memory lane and unveil the behind-the-scenes secrets of the making of a blockbuster film franchise." Don't expect just people in Western New York to be talking to your favorite Christmas movie family. People all over the country will be invited to join, so it is on a first-come, first-serve basis so do not wait!

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