Take a look at this Facebook scam that we almost fell for. It is a Facebook scam where hackers are breaking into people's accounts and trying to get money out of you.

One of my Facebook friends posted that they were moving and would be selling a bunch of items in their house. When she posted all of the items I saw that they were all big-ticket items such as a fridge, freezer, ATV, treadmill, and other items like that. The best part was that all of the items were priced super cheap. It was like a dream come true. I saw this 4x4 and it was only $2,800 bucks and all I had to do was be the first person to go get it in Irving.


Here is what she was selling:

"Hello everyone, I'm moving out and am selling some of my items
Treadmill 10 months old $250
Vacuum 8 months old $100
Freezer 8 months old $100
Dressers $250
Dryer and Washer 6 months old $450 both
Refrigerator 8 months old $400
Couch Grey $350 Both
Trampoline $200
Water Slide $650
Vicity $90
Ps5 $600
Water Dispenser $100
Sectional Couch $300
Bunk Bed (with mattress) $200 Each
Outside Kennel 10×10 feets $150 each
Inside 4×4 feets $100
Kitchen Aid $150
Mower $900
Smart TV 55" $250
Honda 4×4 $2800
Kingquad 4×4 $2500
We can negotiate. Serious people only.
First come first served basis .Thank you.No item will be hold .PM for info about the items."

After talking to the seller, I realized it was a scam. Here are the 4 why I assumed that it was a scam: 

1.) They wanted a deposit.

2.) They didn't even negotiate with me when I tried to low-ball them on a price.

3.) Their Venmo account did not match up with their Facebook name.

4.) Some of the images looked like they were stock images.

So, just be on the lookout. Sometimes Facebook accounts get hacked and remember: if it is too good to be true, it usually is.

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