While we watch the Mega Millions and the Powerball jackpots grow to incredible amounts, we can only hope to win! Can you imagine the things you could do with over $400 million?? That is a crazy amount of cash. But would it make you happy?

Ask most hard working New York State residents and they will tell you that they most likely have been working since their early teens. Whether it was a full-time job or a few part-time jobs, you have been grinding it out every week to try to make ends meet. You might love your job and enjoy the benefits. But is there comfort in the paycheck that you get?

As we watch the news and read about inflation and interest rates, most of us just want to know the bottom line. How much are things going to cost now? Have you seen gas prices? There is a new report that breaks it down to what amount of money can make you truly happy.

To feel “financially comfortable,” 20% of Americans say they’d need $1-million, according to a new survey from CNBC.

Seven in 10 people say they are stressed about their personal finances, and about half say their overall financial stress has increased since before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

The average salary in New York State is around $50,000 according to research done by Zip Recruiter. As prices rise and the things we need and use everyday get more expensive, it becomes harder and more frustrating to keep up with everything and some how save. We have a sign that hangs in our dining room that reads; "keep it simple". When I find we are stressing out about money or worry about keeping up, that is a powerful reminder that perhaps we need to scale back and do just that.

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