The Darien Lake Amphitheater is one of the best places you can go for a concert in Western New York. Not only do they have a huge venue, but they also bring in so many established artists year after year, thanks to Live Nation. 

For the 2024 season alone, artists like Niall Horan, Kenny Chesney, Third Eye Blind, Janet Jackson, Chris Stapleton, Avril Lavigne, and more are expected to make the trip to Buffalo to perform at Darien Lake. 

One of the first artists scheduled for the 2024 season was HARDY, who performed on Saturday, June 8th. HARDY has been to Darien Lake before, but he has never had an opportunity to headline his own show at the venue. 

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Known for his blend of country and rock, HARDY packed the house at Darien Lake, which is great for the energy of the concert but not necessarily when it comes to an easy exit. 

In fact, one of the previous shows that HARDY had at Darien Lake is remembered as one of the worst parking/exit nightmares in Western New York history. People even joked that the people at the HARDY concert on Saturday were the ones that never managed to get out of the parking lot last time. 

Thanks to Corey’s response, I became curious: how long would it take to get out of Darien Lake following a nearly sold out concert?

I left the venue in the middle of the final song, and by the time I got to my car, it was a gridlock. The first 31 minutes, I think we only moved 4 inches. 

After that, it started moving, and we were out of the parking lot within 51 minutes. Granted, we were parked towards the back side of the venue. 

Now, I’ve seen posts about people who didn’t get home for two hours or more, but I intentionally showed up in the middle of the crowd before the concert. It all depends on where you park and how early you get to the show.  

How long has it taken you to leave a Darien Lake show? Email to have your answer mentioned here.

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