Happy soon to be Valentine’s Day! Think you know what your special someone wants? Well that’s great!

The fact that you are reading this, though, tells me that maybe you’re not so sure that you have your eyes on the right prize (and by that I mean gift). 

Are flowers and chocolates good enough? Yes, of course! All a person truly wants is to feel special on this day, and something as simple as flowers and chocolates or almost anything in the Valentine’s Day aisle at any retail store. 

Did you notice I said “almost anything?”

There is one gift you should steer clear of and avoid under all costs, just to play it safe, and it is a mug.

Not just any mug, though.

I saw this mug at the New York's Penn Station, and this mug screams, “COMMIT TO ME!!!” and nobody on earth wants to receive that kind of pressure, nor should they. 

Plus I heard all guys hate commitment? (jokes, I swear.)

But you know what people do hate? People hate being pressured into anything. 

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female; nobody likes being told or pressured into doing something, especially to propose or commit to forever. Let your special someone decide that on their own. 

Can you talk about the next step with your significant other? Of course, but I have never understood some of my friends that press their significant other about getting married.

You know you’ve seen it too, and if not, you will.. You have seen the Facebook posts that say something like, “Our 3rd Valentine’s Day together…hope to see a ring by the next one!” 

Like why are you doing that publicly on social media? Have a grown up conversation with your boyfriend/girlfriend in private instead of airing your relationship frustrations on social media. 

You may get defensive reading this, but if you honestly feel like the person you are with can’t see you in their future on their own (without any pressure from you), then why are you staying with someone who isn’t sure if they want you?

Everything will fall into place for you and your time will come. Have some patience, breathe a little, and live your life to the fullest for you – don’t just live in hopes of receiving the ring from someone who probably doesn’t even deserve it.

Heads up, kings and queens! Stick with something simple this Valentine’s Day, and if you are ready to take that next step, best of luck. :)

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