What an awesome experience that you can give someone in Western New York for Valentine's Day. You can literally send a baby kangaroo to your lovers house that will come for snuggles, pictures and deliver a few presents.
Niagara Downunder in Sanborn has a farm of kangaroos that they care for and bring to certain educational experiences and exhibits across the area. For the second year in a row you can book your encounter (they usually last about 30 minutes) and will certainly give your kids or boyfriend or girlfriend an experience that they will never forget.
Here is what will include:
  • snuggles with a joey
  • photo opportunities
  • a card with a hand written message
  • either a box of chocolates or a small stuffed animal

Yes, they are super nice kangaroos and so is Laura and the whole Niagara Downunder gang. Here is the email to set up the joey-gram toswkennels@yahoo.com.

Niagara Down Under

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