The world is waiting to see how China will react to the United States shooting down their balloon over the last weekend. The US shot the balloon down off the coast of Myrtle Beach and it is a story that has people making fun, and some worried about what will be the next move?

Seeing the coverage of the balloon and what people have said about it reminded me that here in Buffalo, New York we have a building that was designed with the ability to have large transport balloons land. In fact, the building houses our Townsquare Media offices.

The Rand Building

The Rand Building in Buffalo, New York was built with future travel in mind.

In 2014, Buffalo Business First posted an article about the building's connection to Zzppelin landing.

The Buffalo skyline is dominated by radio, TV and cell phone towers on buildings such as One Seneca Tower and Hotel @ The Lafayette. But how many have a 200-foot-tall mooring mast for incoming zeppelins?

But what will be next for the USA and China and relations? That remains to be seen. For those in Myrtle Beach, this balloon is a part of their history!

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