The weekend is here and that means you are probably making your weekly or bi-weekly trip to the grocery store. You most likely have a routine and a favorite place to shop. Part of being a good shopper is knowing what the good deals are and also knowing what the best time to shop is.

For those with a larger family, you may find yourself at the grocery store more often. Perhaps you need supplies and food a couple of times a week? That is the case for our family. With three little guys and one on the way, we go through food quick. Not to mention the toilet paper and other essentials that our family needs everyday.

There are a variety of shopping styles for the most effective trip to a grocery store. But it seems that the best way to shop is when you are not hungry and when you have a list. But some choose to have someone else do the shopping for them. Post pandemic, we are all about convenience and Instacart has gotten very popular.


According to one report, there is one item that we are putting one item on our grocery list more than others.

Believe it or not, bananas are the top-selling grocery item delivered via Instacart in the United States and Canada, trumping all other grocery purchases by a longshot in terms of quantity


We go through a crazy amount of bananas as well. Actually, it is any type of fruit that seems to be a big hit for our family. With inflation and rising prices, it was interesting to learn that banana prices haven't really spiked over the last couple of years as many other foods and produce items have.

In 2022, the retail price of one pound of bananas in the United States increased slightly compared to the year before and registered at 63 cents. Prices have hovered around 58 cents for the past seven years.


When you order your food or make a grocery list, how specific are you? Do you put specifics down or is it vague? I am not a good shopper so when I am tasked with going to the store, I ask my wife to be VERY specific about what she needs me to get. Milk, for example, is one of the things that may be a challenge to get right. Is it 2%, skim or perhaps chocolate? Or is it non-dairy? There is a new push in New York State to make sure that the labels are very clear on milk. In a recent email-press release, the New York State Farm Bureau made it clear where they stand.

New York Farm Bureau strongly believes federal regulators should uphold the legal definition of milk and adhere to current labelling laws and regulations. This would protect the integrity of dairy products and offer consumers clear and accurate information about the food they are purchasing.


We have little ones at the house and when we shop, they are all about the packaging and the advertising. It's amazing the things that our 7-year-old can recite from a commercial he saw and the way the advertising hooks him in. When we are in a store he can tell you the spokesperson of a product and how whatever they are selling will make your life better.

However, the Farm Bureau wants to make it clear what the definition of milk is and it's benefits and that other non-dairy products should not be able to make the same claim.

Many consumers also do not realize the nutritional differences between those products and milk from a dairy cow. The FDA’s own admission confirmed this confusion on page six of its draft guidance.

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