Remember earlier this year when this story came out? One couple from West Seneca used a fake COVID-19 vaccine card to get into the Buffalo Bills game when Erie County required the vaccine to enter into the game. They had used the fake vaccine card and got in, even though, Erie County said that they were having officials throughout the stadium double-check cards. There were, in fact, vaccine card checkers who would randomly pick people to check their vaccine cards, but the couple who used the fake ones obviously got by and did not get checked.

How did the couple get caught then?

Well, they put it on social media of course!

Genius! (Of course, you can hear my sarcasm here.)

After they got caught going into the game with the fake vaccine cards on January 15, they had their day in court.

The couple is banned from going to Highmark Stadium and buying tickets for the new stadium when it is built in the next few years. I know that some people on social media were defending them saying it is just the vaccine card. I get it--it is a lot, but whether you agree with it or not, the law is the law and I would say that getting banned from ever going to see the Buffalo Bills games again sure does beat the alternative: jail time.

In addition, they also had to pay a fine, according to WGRZ:

Both were sentenced to a conditional discharge and were ordered to perform 100 hours of community service and to pay a $125 fine plus a $125 surcharge, according to the news release.

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