It's that time of the year again when we're finally starting to see some of that beautiful weather arriving, allowing for the perfect opportunity to dust off that motorcycle sitting in your garage and take a scenic ride down Route 5 to watch the sunset or explore the winding backroads to Ellicottville.

As awesome as motorcycles are, though, they can also be quite dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, "motorcycle riders continue to be overrepresented in fatal traffic crashes," with 5,014 motorcyclists having died in 2019 alone.

The month of May just so happens to be Motorcycle Awareness Month, so I talked to my friend Rich Barnes at The Barnes Firm — one of America’s largest injury law firms — about the most common causes of motorcycle accidents and how they can possibly be avoided.

Rich shared that one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents, in addition to speeding and disobedience of traffic laws, is inattentive driving on the part of motorists and motorcyclists.

Motorists and motorcyclists are indeed sharing the road with one another. Everyone on the roads should be aware of blind spots, taking extra time to check for clearance before making turns or switching lanes. Rich also stressed how important it is to properly judge the speed of an oncoming motorcycle – if you’re unsure, let the motorcycle pass before making the left turn. Practicing extra caution and extra distance when you're behind a motorcycle is also very important.

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