A couple of years ago, the website Barstool.com started doing pizza reviews.  Of all the stops they've made, who got the best score in Western New York?

There are a ton of pizza styles.  Chicago has deep-dish pizza.  New York makes theirs foldable.  Buffalo has a sweet sauce, plenty of cheese, a doughy crust, and what we call a cup and char pepperoni.  There's no question we are known for our wings, but once you leave Western New York, you can't get pizza like ours anywhere else.  But who has the best?

Barstool does pizza reviews

In 2017, a guy named Dave Portnoy set out to review every pizzeria in Manhattan.  He started a show called "One Bite with Davey" and posted his reviews on Barstool.com.  He will grab a pie, take just one bite, everyone knows the rules, and then give it a rating.

How many places has he reviewed in Western New York?

There is a website that actually lists every single place that Dave Portnoy has reviewed. If you go to onebitepizzarankings.com, not only can you filter the pizza places by city and state, but you can see the ranking that he gave them.  He's ranked 5 pizzas in Western New York, but not all of them happened at the actual restaurant.

Which restaurants has Dave Portnoy reviewed in Western New York?

This is kind of a tricky question.  The first four are pretty popular places that you can actually go and visit.  He reviewed La Nova, Bocce, Imperial Pizza, and Picasso's.  The fifth place was a little more unique.  He went to a Bills tailgate and visited Pizza Pete at the Pinto Ron Tailgate.  He makes his pizza out of a file cabinet.

Who has the best score of all of them?

Of all the places where he's tried pizza in Western New York, the best score comes from Pizza Pete with a 7.6.  The restaurant with the highest score is Bocce Club Pizza with a 7.5.

Here are the reviews...(Be aware there is some NSFW language)

Pizza Pete at the Bills tailgate (7.6)

Bocce Club Pizza in Amherst (7.5)

La Nova Pizzeria in Buffalo (7.3)

Picasso's Pizza in Buffalo (7.0)

Imperial Pizza in Buffalo (6.8)



Who has the best pizza?  According to Portnoy, it's a place called Monte's in Lynn, MA. They scored a perfect 10 and it hasn't been done since.  You might be wondering, who scored the lowest score ever from Dave Portnoy.  That honor lies with 6 different pizzerias that all scored straight 0's.  I won't mention them.  You can look them up here.

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