Last month my son surprised me on my birthday with a gift of ammunition. He got me a box of .223 for my AR-15 and a box of .44 Magnum for my handgun. Even though my son is a gun salesman at a local sporting goods store, he can not get a discount on ammunition.

Later on, I asked him how much he paid for the .44 magnum ammo and he told me $40. That equates to about 80 cents per round. It costs a lot of money to shoot guns these days. Therefore I am always on the prowl for the best deals possible. I found that same type of ammo at a big box retailer for $34.97. That is about the cheapest price I could find and if you do the math, that is still about 70 cents per round before tax.

A couple of days ago I was in a hunting store in Tonawanda and they wanted $49.99 for that same box of Remington .44 magnum. That is one dollar per round before tax. My point is, make sure you do your homework and really shop around before buying ammunition

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