Growing up in Buffalo is really a blessing. That's because of the great people here, the Bills and Sabres, and of course the amazing food.

Admittedly, Buffalo's great food is mostly bar food, or at least that's what we're known for. Chicken wings, pizza logs, French onion soup and beef on weck. Buffalo is a blue collar town and these are blue collar foods (price of wings keeps going up, though).

When I was a kid, I literally thought things like pizza logs, sponge candy and beef on weck was sold everywhere. I later found out these foods were pretty much only in Western New York, although you can now find variations of these foods in nearby regions.

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Beef on weck in Tennessee, Florida and Oregon? No, you won't find that sandwich in those states.

There's an artform in creating the perfect beef on weck sandwich. You need great roast beef. It has to be tender and perfectly pink -- cannot let it get overcooked. Then you have to make sure there's enough caraway seeds and salt on the roll, with a roll that's sturdy enough to handle the au jus that goes with it.

I was scrolling through Reddit on Monday and found a thread of what Buffalonians thought were the best restaurants for a beef on weck in the northtowns?

Basically, anything above downtown Buffalo, so North Buffalo, Amherst, Williamsville, Tonawanda, etc.

I have been to these places and can safely say they deserve the recognition. Reddit users in Buffalo agreed.

Here are the best beef on weck places in the northtowns.

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