They sound like scary drinks, but let's be honest, a Bloody Mary could be one of the most delicious drinks on the planet.

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What other drink can you order and have it be a full meal?  I mean, my dad's friend used to call beers "barley sandwiches" but that's not the same thing.  Over the years, Bloody Marys have gotten more and more extravagant.  What used to just be an alcoholic beverage that you could drink before noon is now a full-on lunch.

We've seen them come with everything from a simple olive and celery stick to strips of fried bacon, pickles, beef sticks that double as straws, chicken fingers, chicken wings, pizza logs, shrimp, sandwiches, cheeseburgers, and more! For some reason, they've really taken it to the next level by seeing how much they can just pile up on top of the glass.  And we aren't mad about it.

The problem is that not every Bloody Mary is created equal.  You really have to look at the description to see what is going to come along with your drink.

A friend of ours was talking about a place that had a really good Bloody Mary on Sundays along with their brunch menu and it got me thinking that there have to be more places that people love to go.

So I asked you on facebook...where are the best places to get a Bloody Mary in Western New York.  And as always you spoke up.  Here are some of the most popular choices.

*Note:  The bloody mary featured in the picture does not reflect the product that the restaurant actually sells*

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