We just had to share this. Tailgating is looking much different around here lately. Governor Cuomo won't let us go to the stadium to watch games, we can't tailgate, so all of the fun has been happening at home and that has no stopped some Buffalo Bills fans.

This setup is in someone's backyard and it stays there all season long. Obviously, big WWE fans, they use the entrance stage as a setup for their celebration every single time that the Buffalo Bills win. After the Bills victory over the New England Patriots 24 to 21 at Bills Stadium here was all the fun that was happening.

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It's been fun to watch people have fun at their houses since tailgating doesn't look like it will be a thing, at least for the rest of 2020. The COVID-19 cases are rising this week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo still has not come to check out the stadium to access the situation and it does not look good. BUT, Buffalo Bills fans are having fun and getting creative. Which backyard would you rather hang out in? Kyle and co. up above? Or would you rather go just across the border to see the backyard bar that is in the shape of a Buffalo Bills helmet? Have you seen this yet? The Buffalo Bills caught wind of it and even sent them a few koozies in a care package.

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