Now This Is My Idea Of Tailgating
If you're not big on all the prep work for a tailgating party starting this season the Bills will have that covered for you as they partner with a company called Tailgate Guys - the official tailgate provider for the Buffalo Bills and New Era Field.
Roast A Turkey
I was just saying yesterday that I remember doing some pretty stupid stuff when I was a season ticket holder at the Bills games.  I can't ever remember doing this stuff though.  Every week it's something new with the #BillsMafia.
Tailgate Lots
Well, we always say, Buffalo has never lost a tailgate.
Some people light themselves on fire, some go through folding tables, some RKO a fake Tom Brady, the list goes on, but Orchard Park Police and New Era Field want to make sure that everyone is safe, too...
Drunk Fan Falls
It's been well documented that when it comes to getting drunk at football games, Buffalo Bills fans are the drunkest.  That's why it feels good to laugh when someone else shows their stripes too.  Welcome to Baltimore...
#1 In Tailgating
I always say after every Buffalo Bills loss, "At least we're undefeated in tailgating." It goes without explaining, you know what it's like in the parking lots. Outsiders (and okay, some people in Buffalo) think we're a bunch of drunks, but there's the excitement and something special when…

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