Bills Mafia is always looked at as a crazy fanbase nationally.  So how did they not top the list of the most hardcore fan base? Hang on guys...this one hurts a bit.

The Buffalo Bills fanbase is called the Bills Mafia.  It's a name that they've been going by for the last couple of years and they've certainly stood out from the rest of the pack when it comes to tailgating.  From jumping through tables, and elaborate tailgate party setups, they're known for tailgating hard.

So how did it turn out that they weren't the #1 fanbase on this study?

Study finds the most hardcore fanbases

A study that is published by set out to find what the perfect tailgate consisted of.  They wanted to know what people want in a tailgate party.  Then they asked what their tailgate included.  They took the average score of fans to determine each team’s score. Some of the categories that they asked them about were the perfect number of people (10), the perfect number of dishes available for people to eat (5), the perfect number of beverages to choose from (4), and the perfect amount of time (1.5 hours).

Let's just say, the Bills didn't do awful, but it definitely wasn't the top of the list.

Who was #1 on their list?

They broke their results into two separate lists.  One of the lists was for the top fanbases in the NFL, and the other was for the top fanbases in college football.

In the NFL, the New Orleans Saints were at the top of the heap.  They were followed by Tennessee, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Dallas in the top 5.  Yep...the Bills barely made the top 10.  They were at #9 on their list.

The top 5 in college included LSU, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, and Alabama.

Whoever did this study was at the wrong tailgate party

I mean no disrespect to any other cities here but, after looking at the fanbases that they claim were more hardcore than the Bills Mafia, I'm convinced that they just went to the wrong tailgate party.  Bills fans always bring their A-game when it comes to tailgates.  They have food that you can smell from miles away, the beverages are flowing, and you can't even count the number of people because the entire parking lot is one huge tailgate.

Our fans have been known to start tailgating on Thursday nights for a Sunday game.  We get there early and stay late. We fight through snow and below-zero windchills to cheer our team on, and we've been doing it that way for years.  Do you want to tell me we aren't the most hardcore fanbase in the NFL?  Get out of here.

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