The Buffalo Sabres are currently preparing for the 2022 NHL Entry Draft (one week away), along with the start of free agency, which is roughly two weeks away.

Current general manager Kevyn Adams has done a good job in his two seasons as Sabres GM, but it remains to be seen if the young players they have drafted will turn the franchise around into a winner in the NHL.

Looking back on the Buffalo Sabres teams of the past is a fun nostalgic trip.

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Other than the teams of the 1970s, the Sabres enjoyed the most success when they wore the black and red uniforms from 1996-2006. They made the playoffs seven out of 10 seasons in those uniforms and most of the team's best trades were also in that 10-year window.

Former general manager Darcy Regier is known by hardcore Sabres fans as a very stingy and conservative executive. He didn't make as many trades or free agent signings as his counterparts, but when he did, it usually went fact, many of them were laughably in favor of the Sabres.

It's crazy to think of some of the most important players in Sabres history came by way of rather lopsided trades. It might go unnoticed by the average fan.

Here are the six best trades in the history of the Buffalo Sabres. We have ranked them accordingly.

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