Buffalo, New York is full of foodies and home to a community of people who are proud of where they’re from. 

We shop local and support small business owners, and many Western New Yorkers are overjoyed that one of the best local restaurants finally received the national recognition they deserve. 

This diner is located in Buffalo, New York, and it is one of the most old school, vintage diner cars you will find in all of New York state. 

Back in the day, there were only so many Sterling Company diner cars created by J.B. Judkins Company of Merrimac, Massachusetts. The company invented these diner cars, numbering each one upon its completion between the years of 1936 to 1942. 

And in Buffalo, Swan Street Diner is No. 397, and it was manufactured back in 1937. 

It’s no wonder when The Hill came out with their list of best 100 diners in America that one from Buffalo, New York would be on the list. 

Western New York is one of the best areas to find a hidden gem or a nostalgic diner like Swan Street Diner. It’s actually surprising that there wasn’t another diner from the area that made the list. 

However, there were some diners that made the list that are only a few hours drive away from Swan Street Diner. 

Take a look at the top diners in New York state: 

The Alcove – Sunnyside, NY

Brownstones Coffee – Amityville – Amityville, NY 

Swan Street Diner – Buffalo, NY

While there are a few excellent diners in New York state, it is extra special that one of the best ones is right here in Buffalo, New York. If you are ever visiting, be sure to dine local and try out the one-of-a-kind Swan Street Diner. 

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