With summer weather on the horizon, many are preparing to drop to one knee as they ask the love of their life for their hand in marriage. 

However, there is one town in Western New York that may be the best place to get engaged. 

When it comes to popping the question, there are a lot of things you have to consider before “Will you marry me?” Will the proposal be indoors or outdoors, what kind of ring do you get, what will you say in your proposal speech, when can you talk to the parents before, and the list goes on. 

One Western New York couple has found perhaps the most perfect proposal spot in our community.

Josh Torres took some time to plan the perfect proposal for his longtime girlfriend Leah Nolan. The couple both grew up around East Aurora, and Josh thought of the perfect place to propose to Leah: the vintage Aurora Theatre. 

The Aurora Theatre shared in the joy on their Facebook page. 

“We are honored to be a part of such special and beautiful moments like this one. There’s nothing like a movie theatre proposal,” the post said.

We agree! Everyone absolutely loved Torres’s proposal, and there’s a reason why he chose that spot. 

“She loves going shopping at all of the boutiques,” Torres said of his now fiance. 

Josh said he chose the theater “since it’s a really cool piece of East Aurora history and I knew she would love it.” 

After dozens of people shared the photos of Leah Nolan and Josh Torres’s engagement, many Western New Yorkers are calling East Aurora the “best town to propose in,” and it rings true! 

We looked at the best places to get engaged in the summer according to Western New Yorkers, and some of the best ones are in East Aurora! 

13 Summer Proposal Ideas In Western New York

If you have been waiting for the nice weather to pop the question, here are the top places you will want to consider when proposing in Western New York.

Congratulations to Leah & Josh and those who are celebrating a recent engagement! If you are still deciding where you should pop the question, I’m sure wherever you decide to go, your partner will love it! 

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