When you go to most cities, they might be known for one dish. Here in Buffalo, we're known for quite a few dishes.

The most obvious one is chicken wings. It's the biggest food for Buffalo on a national scale and is what visitors want when they first come to Western New York.

As you probably know though, we are known for other dishes. Beef on weck is next in line for the most popular but we also are known for sponge candy, spaghetti parm and pastry hearts. There's also the vastly underrated stuffed banana peppers.

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What about French onion soup?

French onion soup is not unique to Buffalo but it's absolutely more coveted here than many other places. Western New York residents take pride in their French onion soup.

The perfect French onion soup should be piping hot and feature enough cheese to cover the cup or bowl. The cheese should be slightly browned with a hearty portion of croutons in the tasty soup stock and plenty of juicy onions.

Many Western New York residents say it's a must to start any meal when going to a locally-owned restaurant, and you can count me in for that as well.

There are so many awesome places to find a fantastic bowl of French onion soup but some stand out.

Here are 10 of the best French onion soups in Western New York.

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