Today is Fat Tuesday and Western New York is one of the cities that really still embraces all-things for the day.

That includes paczkis from all of the local bakeries around Buffalo...and they are pretty dang good. Let's start off with how do you say paczki. We have heard it said a few ways but it is really pronounced 'poonch-key'. I married a Polish girl so, you have to really make sure you know how to say that one and pierogi. Definitely know how to say pierogi if you marry someone Polish.

Why do we have paczkis on Fat Tuesday, anyway?

Catholics usually give up something during Lent. Typically people gave up chocolate or at least something sweet.  The old Polish custom was use up all the sugar, lard, and flour in the house in the days prior to Lent, and what many people did was to make huge pastries or donuts.

Now some people in Buffalo have different rules for when they are allowed to 'cheat' during the Lenten season. Some say on Wednesdays you can have what you gave up, but you cannot have meat. Some say you are able to let up the weekend before Easter.

The Lenten season ends of course with Easter, but not before we celebrate with Dyngus Day...but, that's a whole 'nother big day for Buffalo.

Anyway, let's look at some of the bakeries in Western New York that have some iconic, delicious paczkis. Who has the best paczkis in Buffalo?

Best Places For Paczkis in Buffalo, New York

Who has the best places for Paczkis in Buffalo, New York? What is a Paczki?

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