Buffalo is the Dyngus Day capital of the world because there is nothing like it anywhere else, and now it has its own song!

Even if you don’t have a Polish family background, you are accepted into the Polish community on Dyngus Day. Everyone is Polish on Dyngus Day. 

In Buffalo, though, we do it bigger and better, attracting thousands of people from across the Northeastern United States. After all, it is the largest one-day celebration with some of the best polka bands in the world and a seemingly infinite amount of dancers. 

That’s why it is not too surprising why someone wrote an original polka song about what it’s like to celebrate Dyngus Day in Buffalo, New York. 

The song is called “Dyngus Day in Buffalo” by John Valby, a musician known for his comedic song parodies, and accompanied by “Those Idiots,” arranged by musician Chris Hart…and it absolutely “slaps,” as the kids say.

You can see the music video below. 

The song gets stuck in your head, and the fact that it mentions Buffalo specifically just proves that we are the place to be when it comes to where you should be celebrating Dyngus Day. 

Who knows? Maybe it’s a song you will hear at the annual Dyngus Day parade, which will begin on April 1 at 5:30 p.m. at Memorial Drive. The parade route will then head west along Broadway and end on Fillmore Avenue, and you can see more details on the Dyngus Day events in Buffalo on the official website. that parade route here.  

Many of us have been planning a Dyngus Day celebration for days, as you can see from a picture that was posted from the Water Club Buffalo 716. 

Wherever you are planning to celebrate Dyngus Day, make sure you don’t forget to wear red!

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