I came across a survey that ranks the best places to visit in the summer taking into consideration a number of factors like travel cost, local attractions and weather conditions and the Buffalo-Niagara Falls area ranked only 69th of the 80 destinations surveyed.  OK, I can live with that.  With all the different places in the United States people could travel to, this area is probably not very high on most must-see places.  And that's a shame.

I'll accept the ranking, but I'm sorry, I have to take issue with one of the key indicators used by WalletHub that brought Buffalo-Niagara Falls ranking way down - weather conditions.  Out of 80 locations weather conditions in this area were ranked 78th!  What?  Are we talking about summer weather conditions?  You couldn't ask for better weather in the entire country in the summer than right here in Buffalo, NY.

Have you been to Florida in the summer?  How about Texas, or Arizona?  The heat is unbearable.  How about Memphis or St. Louis or New Orleans in the summer?  Not only hot, but humid.

The cool breezes of Lake Erie bring moderate temperatures to Buffalo during the summer.  Yes, we get some humid weather, but not like the long stretches of so many areas of the midwest and east coast.  But Buffalo ranks 78th?  Is it the perception that it snows all year long in Buffalo?  We really do get warm, sunny, beautiful weather during the summer.

How about some of the other factors?  Buffalo ranked:

  • 46th in travel cost and travel hassles
  • 42nd in local costs
  • 49th in attractions
  • 40th in activiites
  • 35th in safety

Las Vegas, NV was ranked the Number One travel destination.  The worst was New Haven, Milford, CT.

WalletHub is a personal finance website providing free credit reports, credit scores, monitoring and analysis.  What have they determined to be the most budget-friendly, fun-filled destinations?  Here is the complete report:

Source: WalletHub

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