If you’re not careful, you just may find yourself at the altar. 

Western New York is a region that prides itself in its Irish heritage. In fact, Buffalo, New York was named by WalletHub as having one of the top 10 St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the United States. 

How Irish Is Buffalo, New York?

One of the reasons for that is due to our large population of people who have ancestors from Ireland. According to the Census Bureau, 16.1% of the residents in Erie County claim they have Irish ancestry. The county in Upstate New York with the largest group of Irish folk is in Rensselaer County, which is just south of Saratoga Springs, New York – there, the population is 25% Irish. 

And since it is a leap year, the men in Western New York may want to be aware of an ‘ole Irish tradition. 

What Is The Leap Year Tradition?

The Irish are romantic people, and every four years on Leap Day, women around the world get an opportunity to propose to their man. In Irish culture, February 29th may be referred to as “Bachelor’s Day” or “Ladies Privilege,” and it all started with a woman named St. Brigid. 

Who Is St. Brigid and How Did She Start The Tradition?

St. Brigid is Ireland's patron saint, according to EXPRESS news. She met St. Patrick (yes, the St. Patrick of Ireland) in February, and she wanted to ask him if he would allow women to propose to their male partners who hadn’t taken the step themselves yet. 

As a result, St. Patrick granted women the permission to propose every seven years, but St. Brigid negotiated it down to every four years so the tradition could be observed on Leap Day.

Could It Happen In Western New York?

1000% yes, it could. Western New York is made up of one of the most prominent and prideful Irish communities in the United States, so if it could happen anywhere, it would be here near Buffalo, New York. 

Will She Propose To You On Leap Day?

Honestly, it depends on the kinds of conversations you have been having as a couple. My boyfriend attempted to convince me this month that it should be me to pop the question on Leap Day, so some guys actually sound like they wouldn’t mind being proposed to!

I love a good tradition, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like the guy has 365 days per year (even on a Leap Year) to pop the question, so if it comes down to the girl on the one day every four years, it sounds like he may not be ready for that leap of faith. 

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