What's the best state capital to live in?  What's the worst?  The personal-finance website WalletHub conducted an in-depth analysis to determine the best state capitals to live in.

To determine the most livable state capitals WalletHub compared all 50 cities using 42  categories, ranging from cost of living to quality of the public school-system to number of attractions.

In terms of "Affordability", "Economic Well-Being", "Quality of Education and Health" and "Quality of Life", only two cities ranked in the Top 10 in three of the four categories.  They were Austin, Texas and Lincoln, Nebraska.  But Austin emerged as the Number One best state capital.  The rest of the Top 10:

  1. Austin, Texas
  2. Boise, Idaho
  3. Bismarck, N. Dakota
  4. Lincoln, Nebraska
  5. Madison, Wisconsin
  6. Montpelier, Vermont
  7. Concord, New Hampshire
  8. Raleigh, N. Carolina
  9. Salt Lake City, Utah
  10. Cheyenne, Wyoming

The worst state capital?  Jackson, Mississippi

Where did Albany finish?  Albany came in 30th but ranked high in "Quality of Life" finishing 12th.  But Albany came in only 45th in "Affordability", 37th in "Economic Well-Being" and 16th in "Quality of Education and Health".

Albany ranked in the Top 5 in a couple of interesting categories.  Albany ranked third in "Lowest Average Weekly Work Hours" and fourth in "Most Restaurants Per Capita".  So does that mean instead of working they're eating?

Here's the complete Wallethub report.




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