There are a lot of good people on the Buffalo Bills, but this one proved that he is a team player. 

It’s difficult to select one teammate that is more team-oriented than the rest, but time and time again, this player stands out for his mental attitude and his ability to see the big picture. 

And while he is only on a one-year contract with the Buffalo Bills, he has a special bond with the quarterback Josh Allen. 

Kyle Allen may not be Josh’s brother, but he treats him like one. 

Although Kyle Allen rarely sees game action as the back-up to Josh, he is always there on the sidelines supporting his team and he’s ready to go in at a moment’s notice. When Josh hurt his wrist on a play earlier in the season, Kyle Allen immediately got ready to step into the lineup so Josh could receive proper care. 

And on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys, Kyle Allen proved it once again. 

After Josh’s play card disappeared following a play, Allen was looking around for where it could have fallen off on the field before he had to catch the next snap. Then, from the sidelines, Kyle Allen starts sprinting to Josh. 


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Kyle ran onto the field as quickly as he could because he wanted Josh to have all the tools he needed to make the best play for the team.

That’s a team player. 

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