One of the most popular stores in the Eastern Hills Mall is being “forced out.”

According to reports from WIVB, the owner of the BFLO Store said they were “forced out” of their agreement with Eastern Hills Mall after being “unable to negotiate a new agreement with the mall.” 

The BFLO Store is perhaps one of the most popular at the mall, so the fact that it’s leaving is very unexpected.

The BFLO Store initially started as a kiosk in the mall, and the owner envisioned a longer future at the mall, but now they are moving locations. 

There will be a grand opening for an all-new BFLO Store, along with several other local businesses, as they will be moving into a multi-level building in Transitown Plaza. 

Basically, the BFLO Store will just be moving down the street, and they will be open in just a few weeks. 

At the new location, the owner has signed a 25-year lease and is planning to upgrade the spot with new features, including a coffee house, high-end salon, event space, and a bar and restaurant on the rooftop.

The three-story building will host the biggest BFLO Store yet, a high-end salon, event space, and rooftop restaurant and bar.

The coffee shop opening inside of the BFLO Store is Wonder Coffeehouse, which opens in the fall. The salon will open closer to January, and the restaurant will slowly gain traction within the next 18 months.

The new BFLO store location will officially open on 716 Day, July 16, and they will host a fun celebration to signify the opening, with food, music, brand new merchandise, some of your favorite Bills players signing autographs, and some surprises…maybe 716 Day related?

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