There is a new round of stickers that is popping up at gas stations here in Western New York. As the gas prices seem to be hovering at a painful $4.39 per gallon, people are starting to feel it in other areas of the economy as well. But are the stickers working?

Photo by: Clay Moden

I filled up my truck in Hamburg this week and noticed a new Joe Biden "I did that" sticker near the price/gallon screen. I wondered if the stickers were just an irritating reminder of what we are paying or just a simple form of vandalism from a frustrated customer? Regardless of your take on the political side of things, there may be relief soon in the form of a stimulus check.

Dave Fields posted a story this week about a potential bill that would give you money.

Reps. Mike Thompson of California, Lauren Underwood of Illinois, and John Larson of Connecticut unveiled the plan that would pay a monthly gas stipend to families based on yearly household income.

The bill proposes that unmarried residents that make $75,000 or less a year would get $100 a month and married couples who make $150,000 or less would get $200 a month while gas prices remain over an average of $4 per gallon.

There is also word that there will be a new source of petroleum that could help out the United States gas situation. But there may be a limit as to the amount Canada is willing to drill for.

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