The unofficial start to summer is almost here and of you have plans for traveling or having fun with friends and family, you may see more police on the roads to greet you.

Memorial Day weekend is just about here and it is time for the "click or ticket" campaign to begin in many villages and towns in Western New York including East Aurora.

Through June 5th, members of law enforcement will be keeping a very close eye out for drivers who aren't wearing their seat belt when behind the wheel. During last year's crackdown, more than 12-thousand tickets were handed out for seat belt and child restraint violations.

There are so many great concerts and festivals that are scheduled over the next couple of weeks and police officials remind you to plan ahead and either have a ride or order one on your favorite ride share app.

With the summer travel comes the pain at the pump. This year seems to be the worst ever with the price per gallon above record numbers like we have never seen. We used to toss around the $5 a gallon possibility as sort of a joke but it is very much a reality this year. The current prices in Buffalo seem to be sitting around $4.89! Diesel prices are even more painful and we are seeing that price trickle down to just about everything. If you are shopping for food for the backyard BBQ, be prepared to pay more than you have in the past!

The weather, as of early this week, looks decent for the holiday weekend with minimal rain and warmer temperatures! Get out and have some fun!

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