We are blessed in New York State to have so many great, natural resources and fresh water! From Buffalo to Albany, the canals, lakes and rivers are some of the best in the country and one of them is going through it's annual change in temperature.

When was the last time you swam in a lake? Perhaps this summer, because of the heat, you and the family have been trying different pools and lakes for relief? For the most part, the lakes and ocean waters have been pretty refreshing here in New York State. There are places around the country in which the water temps are reaching record highs well in to the 90's.

Back here in the Empire State, we are seeing the water temps staying a little more moderate. Lake Erie, for example, is hovering in the mid 70's.

But another major body of water that folks in New York rely on has changed over the last couple of days. Lake Ontario is now back in the 60 degree range after seeing temps in the 50's just the day before!

The reason? A term know to forecasters as UPWELLING

Occurs when dense cool nutrient rich water from the bottom of the water column offshore replaces the nutrient depleted surface water in the nearshore.

The lake water may be back up today as a result of big storms moving through the area on Tuesday.

For most people, the best temperature of a pool or lake or ocean is most likely around 80 degrees. But these waters in Florida are much higher than that. According to a report on Axios.com:

Water temperatures in the Florida Keys are astonishingly high, between 95°F and 97°F at multiple observing sites.

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