Christmas is now just a couple of weeks away and the rush to get the shopping done is also here! With Small Business Saturday behind us and Cyber Monday here, the shopping continues online this week. But if that bank account takes a hit, there may be good news this week.

One of the first thins you see as you drive along Route Five in Buffalo, before you get on the Skyway, is a big lottery sign. From a mile away you can see the bright lights of the numbers on the sign. The first week after Thanksgiving is starting with a big payout.

The current Mega Millions jackpot is up to $305 million with a cash option of $158.2 million! The drawing is this Tuesday and would be a great way to get some of that shopping done if you win!

Perhaps your goal is not to spend much of the money if you win it? There are some who say that winning the lottery can be a huge loss in terms of friends and family. A big win may change your life in a way that some didn't prepare for. It may be a good idea to get an attorney and money manager ready when your numbers are called.

But first things first. Get those tickets and get those dreams ready for the drawing this week. It may not be a record amount of cash yet but it sure would be pretty cool to win it.

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