Normally there is a pretty straight forward plan for what happens with new draft picks entering the NFL.  This year is different.  What is next for the new Bills draft picks?

Normally when you enter the draft, you wait anxiously to hear your name.  If you are a big enough prospect, you are invited to wherever they are hosting the draft that year to go up on stage and shake the commissioner's hand once you're picked.  This year wasn't normal.  Draft picks waited in their living rooms to get a call from a team.

Normally once you're picked, you head right to the city where you were drafted to get through some paperwork and meet your new bosses and coaches.  You have special rookie reporting dates and camps.

This year is far from normal.

The players have gotten assigned numbers.  They look like this:

So they have numbers but when will they actually be able to tour the facility, find a place to live, and meet the Bills brass?

According to WIVB, that's still up in the air.

The playbooks can still be delivered on pads and the contracts and paperwork can still be done remotely.  But as far as getting reps in, they're hoping rookie mini-camps can still happen in May.

“You’re trying to set them up for success when they get to training camp and if there is no offseason and let’s just say, August is when they can come in, it is going to be harder for some of these guys, especially undrafted free agents, because there’s only so many reps and they’re going to miss a lot of these spring reps that they would normally get." - Brandon Beane, Buffalo Bills GM

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