Everyone knows the Bills Mafia is NFL's best fan-base.

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And what kind of fans would we be if we didn't show up on Sunday, in some way?

We can't be there in person, and Bills Stadium won't have cardboard cutouts. Leave it to one fan to think outside the box for a way to show fan spirit.

Like really out of the box, super high up and out of the box.

Bills fan Joseph Vaiana is the organizer of a GoFundMe, of which the goal is to raise enough money to pay for an airplane to fly over the stadium during warm-ups, carrying a message from the Bills Mafia.

"This is gonna be a great way to make sure the team knows we are here for them and rooting for them despite the fact we can't be there at the games. The banner will be up a full 2 hours before the game from 10-12. Players will see it both entering the stadium and during warm-ups! We are still nailing down the banner but we are leaning towards, TOGETHER OR APART #BILLSMAFIA LOVES YOU! I'm confident we will raise enough funds, but if we don't make it, all funds will be donated to a local charity of Bills Mafia's choosing. Let's make this happen everyone, and as always, LET'S GO BUFFALO!!!!" -GoFundMe

So far he's at $1,683 raised of his $3,800 goal, after floating the idea out on Twitter.

If anyone can make this happen, the Bills Mafia can.


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